Murray & Roberts Valuation Services, Inc.

downtown appleton wisconsin

Murray & Roberts CPA Firm S.C. has been performing business valuations since the year 2000. Typically, these 'full valuation reports' took weeks to prepare and would cost between $5,000 and $9,000.

Over the years we had been told many times by our clients that they weren't sure their situation warranted the expense of the full report, or that their circumstances didn't allow for the time required to prepare such a report.

In 2013 we conducted an analysis of the many reports we had written, with the objective of identifying the least amount of information required from the client to arrive at the same conclusion of value over 90% of the time.  The result of that work is our Calculation of Value Report, which we can prepare within 48 hours at a cost of only $499.  We began promoting this service nationwide in 2014 on through a new company called Murray & Roberts Valuation Services, Inc.

Brian Murray CPA/ABV CVA