Frequently Asked Questions

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How much does a report cost?

A calculation of value report is $799. A minority discount letter (to determine the value of a minority interest) is an additional $250. Additional analysis can be performed at the rate of $220 per hour.

What valuation approaches and methods are used?

Your company will be valued with: the Income Approach by the Discounted Cash Flows Method, the Market Approach by the Transactional Data Method, and the Asset Approach by the Accumulated Assets Method. MORE

How are the probabilities for the Reliability Score and bell curves determined?

By calculating the inherent variability of several critical data points used in the valuation, we can determine the impact of this variability on the reliability of the final result. We incorporate the variation of the critical data into more than 20,000 recalculations of your business value to determine the overlapping effect of the variation. The results are demonstrated visually using bell curves, as well as the Reliability Score and Above Score. MORE

Does this report qualify for the SBA?

This depends on the policy of the bank. The majority of banks will accept our calculation of value report for SBA loans up to $500,000, and many accept our reports for larger SBA loans. Some banks still require full valuation reports for SBA loans of $500,000 or more. MORE

Is this report appropriate for a divorce proceeding?

Our calculation of value report is excellent for early stage planning, negotiation, and arbitration. Our report will tell you if a full valuation is warranted. If you expect your case to go to trial, we recommend a full valuation report if the value of the business is large enough to warrant the expense. MORE

Is this report acceptable for IRS purposes?

Our report is acceptable for all IRS applications, including estate and gift, 409A, subchapter S elections, and offer in compromise. Depending on the value of the business, and full valuation may be warranted. MORE