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Cutting Edge Methodology

  • Industry Leading Forecasting

    Uses advanced forecasting and profitability modeling. Learn more about sales forcasting and modeling income.

  • Unmatched Accuracy

    Measures the variability contained in all underlying data sets. Recalculates the valuation 10,000 times for each approach, after randomizing each data point based on its measured variability.

  • Straight Forward Reporting

    Produces graphical distributions of the randomized outcomes. Includes graphs and tables comparing sales and income modeling to historical results.

  • Reliable

    Produces a Reliability Score by comparing the expected value to the distribution of randomized outcomes. Learn more here. Uses historic return data from Ibbotson, comparable transaction data from BVR’s Dealstats, and financial statement ratios from RMA.

Produce unlimited reports, all customized to include your name, firm information, and logo.

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